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Just Too Young is a 12-week curriculum designed to equip teens with the tools needed to be successful in their journey through high school. The curriculum includes Just Too Young, the book for teens and a Leader’s Guide to help those who facilitate youth groups, book clubs, and school organizations, follow along.

Just Too Young is a transformative guide to help teens navigate through a society influenced by pop culture, instant gratification, and reckless dating. The idea behind “Just Too Young,” is to change what it means to be young when it comes to love, friendships, and future aspirations.
Many teens have heard, “Oh you’re just too young to understand, you’re just too young to be in love,” and the list goes on. So instead, journey with the author as she changes being “too young” into something positive and inspiring. This book will create a frenzy on social media using hashtag #JustTooYoung! Everyone will be in celebration of being young and successful; shining as a light in today’s world.