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Kings’ Home Solutions LLC is a multi-service company in real estate who consults, rehabs, buys, manages, sells homes and commercial property. We have been consulting on all types of real estate since 2003.  We work fast and close fast with all cash when it comes to buying your property.  We have a vast member of multi-private lenders, not just Banks.  We are determined to make this a smooth transaction even if it’s your first time or you could be an all-time pro as an investor.  Whatever the case, it will be done right or we will not do it.  We can also, find a way to get you into a home with No Bank Qualifying!  If you have a problem with any real estate, we have the “Solution”.  Call Kings’ Home Solutions today at 1-866-511-1BUY and let us Help you.



Buy Pre-Foreclosures and REO’s
We Buy Homes (any condition), Sell Homes (no commissions)
We Buy and Sell Commercial Businesses

New Build
Lease Homes (all types), Sell & Buy Residential and Country Land
Financing Reliable Tenants in New or Aged Homes!
Wholesaling All Types of Homes!
Invest in Tax Sales / Certificates / Tax Liens
Invest with Partners in Real Estate
Credit Restoration / Credit Counseling
Invest in Probate Sales, Create & Sale Mort. Notes
We do Short Sales with Mortgage Lenders
Auctions, Bankruptcy, plus more Investor Strategies…
Owner Financing Your Dream Homes!

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9152 Taylorsville Rd, Ste. 239, 40299

Louisville, Kentucky


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Monday 9am-5pm
Tuesday 9am-5pm
Wednesday 9am-5pm
Thursday 9am-5pm
Friday 9am-5pm