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Brooklyn native Steven Van Patten is the author of the critically acclaimed Brookwater’s Curse trilogy, about an 1860s Georgia plantation slave who becomes law enforcement within the vampire community. In contrast, the titular character in his Killer Genius series is a modern day hyper-intelligent black woman who uses high-end technology as a socially conscious serial killer.


SVP’s short fiction includes contributions to nearly a dozen horror anthologies, including the Stoker Award nominated New York State of Fright. A collection of short horror and dark fiction stories entitled Hell At The Way Station, published by his company Laughing Black Vampire Productions and co-authored by celebrated storyteller, Marc Abbott. The sequel, Hell At Brooklyn Tea, which introduces sword and sorcery writer Kirk Johnson, is expected in early 2021.


In 2020, Laughing Black Vampire Productions also published an instructional e-book on the growing of medicinal marijuana. Growth: The Basics Of Our Gardenswritten by Ray Munns and Jacob Pasino, took the number one spot in new releases and reached the number four slot over all during its first ten days on Amazon.


Along with a plethora of other honors and accolades, SVP won three African-African-American Literary Awards in 2019, two for Hell At The Way Station (Best Anthology and Best In Science Fiction) and one for Best Independent Publisher. He’s written about everything from sleep demons to the Harlem Hellfighters of WWI for episodes of the YouTube series’ Extra History and Extra Mythology, He’s also been a contributing comedy writer for Viral Vignettes, a charity-driven YouTube series benefitting The Actor’s Fund.


He uses his full name on Facebook but goes by @svpthinks on Twitter and Instagram. When he’s not creating macabre literature, he can be found stage managing television shows primarily in New York City. Along with being a member of the New York Chapter of The Horror Writer’s Association, he’s also a member of The Director’s Guild of America and professional arts fraternity, Gamma Xi Phi. His website is


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Steven Van Patten


PO Box 24675, 11202

Athol, Massachusetts