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LBS Baldwin Groups is committed to representing honest reliable technology and protecting the more vulnerable neighborhoods across the state. We believe that nobody should live with sub-par technology in their household, without a way out.

We offer a no win, no fee guarantee for clients who are eligible to participate in our vulnerability scheme. This is our way of carrying out our social responsibility towards our community. A technical specialist can make a real difference in your life.

Forget the hassle of dis-assembling your computer and dragging it all the way out to someone for repairs (where it could get even more damaged). Schedule a home / office visit with us today, and WE will come to YOU!

Lance Smith has worked for both the private and public sectors and saw discrepancies in the level of care and quality of technical services provided to what he referred to as the more vulnerable groups.

More often than not, it was money that dictated which clients got the best technical services and enough resources to build a satisfying result. Lance was convinced that the reliable technical geek should support those most vulnerable, rather than go after the money. Out of these frustrations, LBS was born.

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Lance smith


711 nw 37th ave, 33311

Fort Lauderdale, Florida


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