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Levy’s Tutorial and Enrichment Center provides online tutoring in the subject areas of English, math, and reading comprehension for students in grades 3-9. Also, the business provides assistance with homework under our program known as “Homework Time”. In addition, the business offers online tutoring in English and in math to adults of all ages.


The tutoring sessions are individualized, tailored and designed to build and to develop the individual’s language art skills in English; knowledge of various mathematical operations in math; and comprehension skills and reading fluency in reading comprehension.


The business’ program, known as homework time, is offered to individuals who do not need the full structured online tutoring service. The session focuses on homework specific student assignments. The session is ideal for individuals who only need a little help and especially beneficial for busy parents.

Under the enrichment component of our service, the business offers tutoring for adults of all in the subject areas of math and English. The adult enrichment tutoring session is tailored to the needs of adults who desire to increase their knowledge and to hone their understanding in the areas of math and English.


For students and for adults (of all ages) who are interested in a tutoring service that offers a nurturing learning environment, that is self-paced, and that provides an old school concept (idea) with a modern day approach to learning, Levy’s Tutorial and Enrichment Center is at your service. Also, we offer discounts from $20.00-$45.00 off our packaged tutoring sessions.


Act now and book one (1) of our trial tutoring sessions. Let our dedicated, certified professional tutors tailor a session to fit your individual needs.


Please visit us at: https://www.student-focusedtutoringcenter.com.

Contact Person

Mary Baumann


4814 Burma Rd,

Houston, Texas


Business Hours

Monday 10am-8pm
Tuesday 10am-8pm
Wednesday 10am-8pm
Thursday 10am-8pm
Friday 10am-8pm
Saturday 10:30am-3pm