Liberate and Lather

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This company operates primarily through their online store. Visit their website for more information.


Business Description

I am Angie Clay, the creative hands and heart behind a self-care business called Liberate and Lather,  I am a notebook and paper junkie, bargain shopping enthusiast, a natural hair lover, and a wandering nomad. I spend most of my days making the most out of fat, by turning it into creamy, body-loving, smell goods, AKA soap that fuses perfectly with a hot shower.  I also melt lovely soy into candles this allows you to escape from the present and off to another place by the use of your imagination and scent.

I am an avid journal writer and have been doing this practice for the last 25 years.  Self-care is a huge piece of creating a healthy lifestyle.  I have been able to implement this into the Liberate and Lather “Journaling for Self-Care” community where we as women can learn to express ourselves and solve issues by using journaling as a way to explore and let go of things that hold us back from truly living our best lives.  The bathing experience is just one part of the wellness journey.   The emotions within are a whole other trek.