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Business Description

African inspiration & Caribbean essence make up the handcrafted beauty & magic behind MaliMasani. Using traditional African fabric, semiprecious gemstones, natural wood, cowrie shells & more, we provide stunningly authentic, effortlessly unique creations.

Inspired by Africa, the Caribbean, and multi-cultural places of the like, MaliMasani brings its customers beautifully unique, handcrafted jewelry and accessories, with high quality beads, agate, and gemstones globally sourced. Our goal is to excite the mood, entice the spirt, and enhance the natural beauty of the wearer, with each piece being handmade with love and exquisite detail! Customers who purchase MaliMasani will be rewarded with luxurious items that inspire a feeling of love, warmth, comfort, happiness, and family, while enjoying handcrafted pieces made with real gemstones, shells, agate, glass, and wood that have values of health, wellness, and sustainability.