MaraBette & Co. Tea and Hospitality

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This company operates primarily through their online store. Visit their website for more information.


Business Description

We offer uniquely blended loose leaf teas to customers across the US.  Each blend reflects the experience of home, friendship, or hospitality, and no two blends are alike. Teas range in diversity from black teas, to white teas, green teas, and more…all with the intended purpose of creating and building relationships between people over a cup of iced or hot tea.

All of our blends are small batch blended and each one packaged lovingly by hand.  From the package, to the tea itself, to the hand written thank you cards, we strive to give you a full MaraBette & Co. experience.

For those local, we also offer tea services ranging from tea parties, corporate tea gifts, & tea to go, so your event guests can also experience the fun in our teas! Wholesale options are available to clients throughout the contingent US.

Here at MaraBette & Co., we don’t just sell tea, we sell an experience!

Love, Tea, & Hospitality