NALI Natural Body Care Products

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Online Store?

This company operates primarily through their online store. Visit their website for more information.


Business Description

NALI Natural Body Care Products manufactures NDulge Body Spa Products, an exclusive naturopathic line of body care products made with vegan, organic fruit & nut butters blended with vitamins & minerals. NALI’s original naturopathic formulas are created by its owner. NALI uses sound naturopathic principals for each formula to achieve results, so each product is guaranteed customer satisfaction!  NDulge products consists of 100% Vegan & Natural Glycerin Cleansers, 5-Butter Lotions, Home Spa products, Men’s Stuff, and Therapy Soak Bags.


NALI’s clients are in markets including head of household, holistic wellness, vegan, natural & organic. I am proud to have partnered with health stores, skincare spa, retail stores, food coops, natural food grocery stores, farmer’s markets, social & community arts events, and the military as a DBE concessionaire.  NALI has an established customer base nationwide. The demand for products expanded from local to nationwide in 2010. NDulge product’s eco-friendly, natural ingredients help provide alternatives choices in the chemical-laden body care market.