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‘Khasokhas’ is a Nepali community based news portal since 2012.  It has daily web portal which can be accessed on at any time all around the world. ‘Khasokhas’ is a Nepalese word whose dictionary meaning translates to ‘verified truth’. The team of Khasokhas addresses news with utter surety and research.

In 2018, Namaste Media Inc. aiming to provide high quality content acquired Khasokhas. Khasokhas is published, printed and distributed throughout the United States and as digital edition worldwide.

Nepali community is Ethnic minority and socially /economically disadvantaged population in the USA. There are more than half a million Nepali speaking population living in the USA. Though most of them are of Nepali origin, Tibetan and Bhutanese population are also well versed in Nepali language and rely on our publication for news. Most of the Nepalese speaking people live in Queens, New York and since we mostly cover issues facing our community, our news stories are centered in Queens, but we also publish stories based on other parts of the USA pertaining to our community.

Our audience consists of a wide range of tribes from Nepal (there are more than 100 ethnic groups in Nepal) currently living in the USA. Majority of our audience are working class Nepali immigrants of age 18 through 70 living in, Queens, New York that is also referred to as Mini Nepal within the community. Almost half of them cannot speak English. Nepali community is Ethnic minority and socially /economically disadvantaged population in the USA. Nepalese language weekly Khasokhas has been published every Friday since its launch on 15 January 2012.

Khasokhas is number one Nepali news source in the USA.

Khasokhas is among the top 50 ‘Digital First Responders’ list in a select database of immigrant media innovators compiled by the Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at the City University of New York (CUNY). Khasokhas has been selected as New York’s top 4 immigrant media outlets in the USA. Khasokhas has published news, opinion pieces on American politics, economy and immigration as well as sharing stories of hope and success of fellow countrymen at home and overseas.

For a bilingual community, it is proven that they are trust worthier of the news in their mother tongue. Similarly, there are many people in the USA who only speak Nepali and cannot avail of the English media and can often be overwhelmed at the scarcity of the news they can understand. Khasokhas passes these barriers to reach people as a trustworthy source of information. We aim to do more research so as to best serve our community.

We are already posting live updates on our website as well as on our social media which are read by a large number of people in the USA as well as other countries. With more research, we can keep our readers informed on important facts and tips. We also plan to create video and audio contents, which will not only diversify the source of news but also prove more effective in reaching a wider audience.

Our goal is to aid the leading agencies involved in eradicating the coronavirus and by making people aware of the steps being taken, and steps necessary to help eradicate it at an individual level, community level, as well as global level, we can act as an effective intermediary between different agencies and the general public.

For the past months, we have been covering mostly coronavirus related topics and have created coronavirus portals including fact check and resource center. Likewise, we have a series of stories (Text and Video) of people that successfully recovered from the disease to give our readers hope. We also host live events on Facebook with doctors and lawyers from the community that engage with the audience answering their questions.

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