Naomi and Pearl Apple Confections LLC

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Naomi and Pearl Apple Confections offers gourmet candy, caramel and chocolate apples on sticks, gourmet chocolate bonbons, truffles, pralines, delicious chocolate chip cookies in seven flavors, macarons, spiced nuts, chocolate covered specialty items like caramel mini bars, nut clusters, pecan turtles and pretzels.  Our product line expands often.

Like so many stories of southern women who were phenomenal designers of delicious foods and pastries, Naomi and (Annie) Pearl’s farm roots in Rose Hill, North Carolina is the inspiration for Naomi and Pearl’s Apple Confections.  Our family remembers Naomi’s homemade grape jelly from grapes plucked from the grapevine our grandfather, Willie, cultivated in a small backyard in the City of Baltimore.   And, Pearl’s (Naomi’s daughter) sweet potato pie and banana pudding was to die for!

Our family has a history of creating delicious foods.  We sorely miss Aunt Gert’s unbelievable bread pudding and the crab feasts organized by Uncle Tom, her husband.  Pearl’s husband, John, was known for his fried chicken and spaghetti dinners!  Our southern North Carolina family, Pearl’s siblings, didn’t miss a beat either!  Uncle Will’s famous pot of baked beans cooked in a hole dug in the ground in the back yard, and Aunt Carvella’s famous fish fries on Friday nights!

We hope that you enjoy the second generation’s presentation of gourmet apples and treats! As we continue our family’s tradition of a love a good tasting food, our goal is to make you smile and lick your fingers!

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Avis Smith


10 Light Street,

Baltimore, Maryland