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Natural LOOSIES– Take a cultural approach to reduce the negative stigma and encourage natural plant medicine use in a ergonomic and safer way. LOOSIES are known as individual cigarettes in many convenience stores nationwide. Tobacco use has been directly related to some diagnoses such as cancers, birth defects, etc. Conversely, the use of cannabis has centuries of research proven to do the complete opposite- heal individuals from these common health aliments. Natural LOOSIES provides a natural, yet sturdy foundation to prepare and consume cannabis. Many may be unable to roll the dried flower in other papers or “blunt wraps.” LOOSIES are pre-rolled, never processed and are infused with natural terpenes found in fruits, plants and even some animals. Terpenes are natural aromas that are also found in many essential oils that may alter ones mood, stress level or appetite. When combined with complimentary terpenes found in nature, you are able to maximize the natural healing powers found in nature.