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We at NJ AFA Profile LLC have built a  reputation based on reliability, quality, workmanship and upscale service. our team and I are treating every project as our own. Our agenda is to push the limits for new creations that have never  been done before; to create projects that  keep functionality with unique look. We have no boundaries when it comes to taking on new tasks. We stay up to date with the latest products, safety, requirements and specifications. NJ AFA Profile LLC continues to work with top manufacturers to produce top of the line Fire Rated and  Non-Rated Balanced Doors, Typical Entrance Doors, Windows, Skylights,  Curtain-Wall Systems, and Sun-Room Structures. Using; Aluminum Steel  and Bronze/Stainless steel Clad.

NJ AFA Profile LLC offers residential and commercial skylights, custom design,  fabrication, and installation. All skylights can incorporate typical or custom insulated glazing to reduce the accumulation of heat or cold  within the structure. Skylights  can be designed as walk able or curb mounted. Walk able skylights  include non-slip structural glazing options and can be installed in a walk able floor which will allow light transmission.

Our company has a good responsive relationship with customers. We demonstrate our understanding, challenges and specific solutions.  We reflect an excellent approach, distribute the work based on capabilities, interest and availability. We have realistic implementation schedules.
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In addition, NJ AFA Profile LLC specializes in waterproofing, for clients that have problems with leaking windows and skylights. We custom make  flashings for each application which we design to divert water away from the item that penetrates the roof’s covering, because metal flashing is easy to form, and, when installed properly, they will outlast the life expectancy of the roof coverings.

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