Ocean de Perlas

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This company operates primarily through their online store. Visit their website for more information.


Business Description

I am committed to creating a jewelry brand that connects with real women, through knowledge and understanding of their needs and desires. I seek to generate the least possible amount of waste during production, I try to use what is fair and necessary with the exact measures and I recycle the waste I generate in a sustainable way. I use in most of the jewelry stones born from our mother earth so you will not find plastic in this Ocean of jewelry.
OCEAN DE PERLAS is a company that faithfully believes that it is not just fashion, nor does it follow patterns, because all women are different, and for each one of us there is a jewel that defines us with an authentic and personalized meaning through which each woman choose which jewel best tells its story.

I plan, create, innovate and ship all of your orders from my home studio located in Germantown, Maryland.

Thank you from my heart for being here and supporting this: my dream.