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Path To Publishing, a trade name of End of the Rainbow Projects, is the Triple A of the literary industry, meeting writers and authors wherever they are on their literary journey, and then chauffeuring them toward both literary and financial literary success. We don’t only work with writers and authors to help them write and publish books, we work with anyone with a story to tell, testimony to share, and message to deliver. This includes assisting entrepreneurs, CEOs, businesses, and business owners with their personal narratives, social media copy, article and blog writing, crafting their brand stories, as well as helping them to write and publish publications that add to the credibility of their expertise, as well as bring awareness to their brand by sharing their systems, strategies and techniques for both personal and business development.

We provide literary consulting and publishing coaching, as well as develop resources and curriculum to help individuals achieve both literary and financial literary success. We have Literary Companions to assist clients with every task needed to write and publish in excellence. Our online courses, workshops, webinars, annual “Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business” Conference, and monthly Pop-Up Publishing School sessions educate people on not only the craft of writing, but the business of writing and publishing.