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In the palace we indulge in a pampered lifestyle. Our scents take you on mental trip of your wildest luxurious filled dreams. Our vision is where Art (Mosaics) meets up with Aroma (Scent). As a brand we bring an Artistic twist to Perfumery. The Persian element is incorporated into our bottle design. Tiles are used in mosaic art creations, and more specifically Persian tiles were used to ornament buildings during the Persian Empire. 

Nowadays mosaic tile can be fired or glazed for a more polished look. Our glazed tiles are adorned on the bottles in a puzzle piece like manner. Our bottles are travel sized and have a roller ball as the application method, which makes it easy for a mid day pick me up or freshening up while on a date or girls night out. Our bottles are 12 mL of heaven in a bottle and our perfume oils have 6 hours of wear time. Grab yours today !!