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When you put your time and effort into an idea that could set you and your family on easy street, you want to protect it. Patent protection might be your best path to success.

Our Advisers have over 15 years of experience advising large and small businesses in the areas of patent protection and commercialization. Now we use our experience to help guide entrepreneurs and inventors on issues that impact their immediate success. Ask us about:

  • Developing short and long term strategies for protecting your ideas
  • Obtaining expert assistance in preparing your business plans (select clients)
  • Assistance in preparing for first and second level investments opportunities

For us, every project is unique. In fact, we encourage projects that are not necessarily mainstream. If your project is a little off the beaten path, we will give you the special attention you’ll need to grow your invention from an idea to a product you can sell.

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Patrick L Mixon


4236 Pines Rd, 71119

Shreveport, Louisiana


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Monday 9am-5pm
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