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This company operates primarily through their online store. Visit their website for more information.


Business Description

Dr. Susan Lovelle, The Thrive Architect, helps busy professionals and businesswomen who are just surviving on caffeine and willpower to design their own unique blueprint with the energy, power, and balance they want in their lives.


She’s the creator of Premiere Wellness, a comprehensive holistic health company based in Raleigh, NC, serving clients nationally with effective,  efficient solutions for weight, energy and hormones.  Dr. Susan and the team work virtually and in-person through workshops, courses and retreats.


Having been a professional ballet dancer for 17 years and then an award-winning plastic surgeon for over two decades, Dr. Susan knows what it’s like to beat your body and your mind into submission to achieve a certain look or vision.


In fact, the physical, mental and emotional abuse she heaped on her own body during those years led to the life-threatening health issues she later developed and it was only through a personalized, holistic approach that she healed herself.


Now Dr. Susan uses that additional expertise in Functional Medicine to help others heal from the inside out, leading to lasting, powerful change.


Dr. Susan has been featured on The Doctors, Lifetime TV, The Huffington Post, Forbes, Good Morning Washington, and Good Day Charlotte.

Contact Person

Dr. Susan Lovelle


8341 Bandford Way, 27615

Raleigh, North Carolina


Business Hours

Monday 10am-7pm
Tuesday 10am-6pm
Wednesday 10am-6pm
Thursday 10am-7pm
Friday 9am-12pm