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Online Store?

This company operates primarily through their online store. Visit their website for more information.


Business Description

Prosperety is an online advertising platform that helps merchants reduce their costs and increase their revenue by giving them a payment processing fee refund every time they get a sale through the platform.


Merchants also get real time invaluable feedback from customers about what areas the business needs to improve to retain them as a future customer.


Merchants are also able to communicate directly with customers for re-targeting and getting more details after receiving customer feedback.


Merchants will receive an increase in Sales, Average Order Value, Revenue, Conversion Rate and Return on AdSpend.


Merchants will also receive a decrease in AdSpend, Customer Acquisition Costs and Shopping Cart Abandonment.


Prosperety uses a two factor sale authentication system which means that if merchants don’t get a sale plus real time feedback from customers, then the merchant never pays for that sale.


The merchant determines how much revenue they want to receive and how much they are willing to pay for any sales received through the platform.


Prosperety beats all other channels and forms of online advertising like search, social, affiliate marketing, video etc. with respect to Conversion Rate, Customer Acquisition Costs, Overall Ad Spend, Revenue, AOV and Return on AdSpend etc.