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Pulse PCR Tube Supplier Co., Ltd., committed to the the R & D and production of biological laboratory consumables and medical protective products used in the area of life science and clinical diagnosis made under highly-sophisticated test. Our products , including high-quality 10-1250μl pipette tips, PCR plates, PCR tubes, centrifuge tubes, deep well plates, magnetic rod sleeves, safety goggles and other lab and clinical consumables for customers , meet different experimental needs and ensure the accuracy and repeatability of laboratory result and support several automatic development for different products and application scenarios.

Passed the certification of TUV ISO13485 quality system , Pulse Pipette Tips Manufacturer China Co., Ltd., has long been a raliable Pipette Tips Manufacturer with 100000 class dust-free workshops, high-precision testing equipment and experienced design and processing teams. Our Products are exported to clients in more than 60 countries such ss Germany, Italy, France, Poland, Chile, South Africa, Egypt, India And so on. If you are interested in our biological laboratory consumables, visit our factory or our website to get more infomation. https://www.pulse-bio.com/

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