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ReKee Services LLC. is a Holistic wellness organization focusing on the cultivation of the mind, body and spirit by providing alternative and complimentary approaches to holistic self-care and healing.


Re-Kee Service’s vision is to empower individuals by helping them heal the past, live in the present, and embrace the future, by supporting them in living their best and authentic life while educating them on how to use their gifts to impact the world.


Our purpose is to provide tools to help educate and empower individuals to practice holistic self-care to heal the Mind, Body, and Spirit. We have certified and Holistic Integrative Health Practitioners, Life Coaches, Career Consultants,  Spiritual Advisors, and Healers with over 20 + years of experience in many different holistic health modalities to help you achieve life-changing goals.​


We do this by bringing  people together as a collective, to help build a community of strong healers, leaders, and entrepreneurs, that will eventually build their own healing empires, to continue servicing the community and eventually heal the world

Our name has ancient African roots. Rekee means “Choosing to live and enjoy life.” Through your own holistic living journey, you can walk the path of wholeness and healing.


So, choose to Live and Enjoy Life, while opening doors to new opportunities.