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Regina Robinson is an Award Winning Global Speaker, Best Selling Author, Publisher, Writing Coach and Inner Confidence Strategist who is widely known for engaging, motivating, and equipping women with the tools to unlock their inner confidence and become unstoppable women. She is widely known for engaging, motivating, an inspiring her audiences as she combines genuine inspiration, laughter, and practical principles to empower women to take immediate action in their lives, businesses, and careers.

Regina built a platform where she provides education, strategies, and accountability for women who are ready to show-up in their authentic power as they increase credibility, visibility, and confidence. She supports women in discovering, articulating, and mastering their uniqueness as they position themselves to confidently move from start to finish in their life, business, and career.


Regina’s mission is to partner with you as your source of accountability in clarifying, creating a road map, and outlining action steps that will move you towards executing and achieving your desired results. Regina will equip you with the strategies and confidence that will give you the jolt you need when you’re not feeling motivated, and empower you to take the risks you wouldn’t take if you had to do it alone. She will provide you with results-focused guidance, action steps, and the accountability of operating in your confidence. Get ready to unlock and discover the potential of your greatness as you create substantial plays that yield tremendous results!