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I am Chantea Williams, owner of Relentless Publishing House. I remember when I was looking to publish my first book, I couldn’t find anyone to guide me along the way. I figured it out and helped others to do the same before making it a business. I know firsthand the frustration and uncertainty when deciding to self-publish. It can be overwhelming with all the information you find on the internet and through social media. I created my book publishing business to take the pain out of publishing and to ease your fears.

I started my publishing company in 2018 under the former name, Greater Working Women Publishing Company. My first 10 clients were from an online course that I taught. Those clients published their first ebook and eight of them made the investment to publish the print version. This was my first test to see if I could really do this and I haven’t looked back since. As we began to pick up male clients, the first thing they would ask, “Do you work with men?” I knew then that we needed a new name. One more marketable and gender-friendly. We rebranded in 2019 to Relentless Publishing House and it was the best decision we could have ever made for the success of our company.

We help authors of all ages to self-publish high-quality books. Our authors retain 100% of their royalties and there are no hidden fees in our services. Our publishing packages are affordable and we offer payment plans. We also offer A la Carte services to help you complete your book and level up your marketing. Our signature product is our Aspiring Author Kit, which comes with a publishing planner and free 30-minute video session. In this session, we help you organize your book ideas and write your outline. We want the book in your head to be in your hands.