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Carolyn Brinkley is the founding owner of Renaissance Well Fitness and co-owner of Lifeforce Personal Fitness, a private training studio. A lifelong passion for health and wellness led Carolyn to become an avid student and practitioner of holistic wellness and fueled by her desire to inspire others to live their healthiest lifestyle.

Carolyn believes that the key to overall health and holistic wellness is accomplished with many dimensions of wellness, including emotional, spiritual (peace, harmony, and purpose), physical (health checkups, exercise, balanced diet, relaxation), and social (connectedness, positive relationships, support system). As a certified personal trainer, certified massage therapist, athlete (champion bodybuilder), and personal health food chef, Carolyn is uniquely qualified to customize her client’s programs to meet their individual needs.

Carolyn is also a former Sheriff’s Deputy and National Police Trainer who understands the stresses, both physical and emotional, that are inherent to law enforcement work. Staying healthy is a lifelong process that Carolyn and her partners are committed to assisting others with!

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Carolyn Brinkley


2400 Chisholm Trail, 78681

Round Rock, Texas


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