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Our soapy Rove Biodegradable Paper Soapsheets are sudsy water soluble paper sheets that dissolves into a soapy sudsy lather with water. Revolving around portability and the environment, these sudsy soapsheets fit easily in bags, pockets, carry-ons, backpacks and purses making it easy to use, highly portable and lightweight. Our Rove Biodegradable Paper Soapsheets are travel friendly, TSA Compliant, contains natural ingredients, natural fragrance/ natural essence, earth-conscious, highly portable, lighter than a pack of gum, super soapy, family friendly, woman owned and minority owned. Each container contains 50 fragrant Rove Brands Paper Soapsheets great for any occasion. Our aromatic scents include:

  • Pink Rose
  • Fresh Jasmine
  • Lavender Mist
  • Green Tea Twist
  • Ocean Breeze

These magical beauties are great for travel, the outdoors, work, school, road trips, TSA compliant (goodbye 3-1-1 Rule!) and everyday. Our Rove Brands soapy formula grants a germ removing, aromatic clean leaving the most sensitive hands blissfully soft and satisfied. Our paper soap is mess free without having to carry a heavy, wet soap container around. These grab-and-go, drip free sheets are terrific for the entire family, as gifts and for those “Ugh! No soap!” moments.


To use is easy:

  1. Just take a paper soapsheet with dry hands
  2. Place in palm of hand
  3. Add water
  4. Lather
  5. Rinse

Rove┬áBiodegradable Paper Soapsheets are not your grandma’s hand soap. Perfect for when life gets a little messy allowing for you to Rove… freely!

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Tafari Roberts


17910 Van Dyke, STE 1170, Detroit, MI 48234 Detroit MI 48234

Detroit, Michigan