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Rowan Coughlin Art Advisory focuses on arts project management and curation while working directly with artists, galleries, collectors, and communities to fill the gap between art conception and the final end product that can be appreciated for years to come.


Services Offered:


  • Art Acquisition/Collection Development- Guide you through the process of identifying and purchasing fine art and help you build a solid art collection over time that is uniquely tailored to you.


  • Collection Management – Advise and implement best practices for your unique art collection including installation, storage coordination, restoration, documentation and insurance for your works. 


  • Curatorial Development and Exhibition Programming – Conceptualize and produce custom curatorial projects. 


  • Project and Gallery Management – Offer assistance in all areas of gallery management and marketing including art fair execution, press releases and collection management. 


  • Art Centric Travel Planning – Create custom travel itineraries for art enthusiasts. Set up and coordinate private viewings, studio visits, guided tours and one of a kind experiences across the globe that can only happen with an insider’s in-depth knowledge of the art world.

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Rowan Coughlin


11 San Andreas Way San Francisco CA 94127

San Francisco, California


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