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The Royal Law Firm PLLC, founded in 2009 by Priya Prakash Royal, Esq., LL.M., MBA,  is a private client services firm focused on individuals, their families, and their businesses. The firm practices in Trusts & Estates, Tax, and Business Law. We primarily serve entrepreneurs, founders, leaders, and multinationals with wealth preservation and family legacy protection strategies. Recognized for our leadership in the trusts & estates field, we also represent high and ultra-high net worth clients with wealth planning, business succession and tax planning in addition to multinational estate administration and probate. Our well-established tax advisory practice often counsels nonprofits and private foundations on compliance and tax issues. Our services are offered on a per engagement or retainer (ongoing advisory) basis.


Our women-powered law and immigrant and minority woman founded firm reflects the founder’s philosophy of collaboration, service, and support. The firm serves clients holistically and with standards of excellence while providing a supportive corporate culture for talent to thrive. Recognizing the power of networks and advisors in bridging the wealth gap, the firm uses an equitable pricing structure (EPS) with a discounted rate model to make increasingly sophisticated wealth preservation and protection legal services accessible to all, from startups to established CEOs and leadership at multinational organizations.


We incorporate additional skills and knowledge from our management and international backgrounds to effectively incorporate asset protection and business strategies, cross-border planning, philanthropic and charitable planning, and non-financial considerations, such as family dynamics and cultural issues into the wealth and tax strategy for our clients.
The Firm has also developed a community focused collaborative legal and financial services program, Community Family Offices (CFO), enabling it to work closely with a team of advisors in related fields combining the benefits of a family office model with the cost-effectiveness and independence of separate advisors.

The firm’s services include reasonably priced standard tax (capital gains, income tax planning tax allocations, basic retirement and benefits, etc), trusts and estates (will, living trust, power of attorney, etc.), and business law services (incorporation, standard contracts, partnership agreements, and more) targeted towards private clients and small businesses who do not yet have the resources to engage the customary sophisticated level of legal services provided by the firm. The transitional support based model supports the firm’s efforts to diversify the face of wealth across all communities.


Our founder brings her experience as a former IRS Estate Tax Attorney auditing the wealth planning and tax implications of some of the most sophisticated estate and gift transfers, in addition to working in large law firms with international matters, to the firm. Her multijurisdictional and international experience is especially insightful to multinational founders and entrepreneurs.  Our hiring process is purposeful and our team is carefully selected and trained continuously to meet the rigorous legal and strategical experience and knowledge needs of the firm’s client base. The firm’s clients include ambitious founders and investors, professional families, young entrepreneurs, and rising stars, to established CEOs, retirees, and notable celebrities. We represent clients in a variety of industries, including food & beverage, hospitality, philanthropy, entertainment, technology, private equity, and government contracting.


With headquarters in Washington, DC, our dedicated government contracting practice is serviced by our counsel, Pawnee Davis, Esq., a former GAO senior official, and benefits from the additional tax structuring and planning services necessary for entrepreneurs establishing and scaling to meet the demands of becoming and being government contractors.


We also provide tax consulting services to other law firms and attorneys on client matters and provide co-counsel and tax advisory services on buy-sell transactions, investment, valuation, and asset protection issues that arise in many complementary practices, including commercial law and family law.