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The Royal Law Firm PLLC focuses on Trusts & Estates, Tax, and Business Law. In addition to providing standard estate planning, such as Wills, Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, Revocable Trusts, and Healthcare Documents, we also provide complex tax strategy, asset protection, and trusts and estate planning for high net worth clients in wealth planning, business succession and tax.

Our practice philosophy is to go beyond legal counsel and develop a comprehensive strategy by addressing our clients’ unique needs. We incorporate skills and knowledge from our management and international backgrounds to effectively consider business strategies, cross-border issues, and non-financial considerations, such as family dynamics and cultural issues for our diverse client base.


Priya Prakash Royal, Esq. LL.M., MBA, established the firm in 2009 in New Jersey. After her tenure as an IRS Estate Tax Attorney where she obtained rare insight and experience on some of the most complex estate and gift tax issues on prominent estates, she returned to private practice. The firm is a product of her extensive experience in multiple jurisdictions and across the private and public sectors, serving clients, at every stage of their lives. The firms’ attorneys use their exemplary knowledge and strategy to fully advocate for each client’s unique needs, from professional families, young entrepreneurs, and rising stars, to established CEOs, retirees, and notable celebrities.

Our business law practice, including government contracting, frequently intersects with our Trusts & Estates and Tax Practice, and our team can fully meet our client’s needs across these related practice areas. We also provide co-counsel and tax advisory services on buy-sell transactions, investment, valuation, and asset protection issues that arise in many complementary practices, including commercial law and family law.

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