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I am Jahaira Evans, a dedicated mother of two beautiful and smart girls and a loving wife of an amazing man, David. I have devoted myself for the full time care of my two queens in the making. Second to that, I’ve been a hairstylist for over 17 years and there is not a single moment when I didn’t enjoy or pour my heart .

I am a very optimistic and persistent person and I get excited about challenging the mind and body always. My purpose is to inspire and motivate people so that they could pick the best choices when it comes to what they eat and of course take action when it comes to working out. It’s fun and it’s 100% good for our overall health.
We do not need 25 hours a day just to make sure that we do everything that we love. We just need to make sure that we balance our time and realize our priorities including doing what we want and what we love. I want to help you realize this and help you love yourself truly.
Check out my Instagram page as I keep you posted with easy workouts that can be done absolutely anywhere. I will also share healthy meal preps that can be done in 30 minutes. I hope you enjoy what I’ll share with you and I hope that these will help you take a closer step towards achieving your goals!


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2515 sr7, suite #16,

Wellington, Florida