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This company operates primarily through their online store. Visit their website for more information.


Business Description

Shaki Alliu is a self taught multi-disciplinary artist with a current concentration on jewelry design/metalsmithing, ceramics and tapestry.   Her work is inspired by geometry, architecture, the feminine body, the abstract elements of nature and how they all converge to create something new.

 Shaki was enthralled by the beauty of coiled metal after an experiment at the bench. From there, she expanded on the theme to create her first collection, Twisted Sisters.  Through a mostly meditative practice she twists, shapes, hammers, then adds flame. She embraces the imperfections held by the hand. Although some pieces are heavily designed from sketch to fabrication, others are organically fashioned with the shape revealing itself at the very end.  Many of the pieces hold a sculptural quality which allows for ease of movement within the unit.

This is her first Jewelry line.

Each piece is artisan-crafted and made in her studio in LA.