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Business Description

After accumulating many ideas, when this idea was born we were thinking to bring some different services from what is already seen from people in the Sacramento region. The company will come to the market with different services related to the transportations services. The main services that Solid Moving Systems will provide.

Are movers of our company will visit the place from which the stuff is being moved before the moving process occurs. The mover will inform the customer exactly how much time it takes to complete the transportation, and give the price after the evaluation is done.

Packing and packing services – Solid Moving Systems is going to be the one of many moving company’s  in Sacramento that will offer professional packing and packaging using the new technology for the equipment. Because we will provide the item we will move with insurance to the customers in case of damage or lost its. We will use the special plastic wrapper and water proof to be sure that the goods to be delivered safe.

Disassemble and assemble of of huge furniture- The company is going to be able to transport large households and office goods. The movers are professional employees that are trained to be able to dismantle large item and bring to the same originality back as it was in the next location after the moving process is completed,