Southern Elegance Candle Company

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This company operates primarily through their online store. Visit their website for more information.


Business Description

Do you remember walking hand in hand with your grandma down a dirt road, or sipping sweet tea under the shade of a pecan tree? Did you spend your childhood summers playing barefoot outside all day and catching lightning bugs at night? These are memories we cherish, that sustain us, and Southern Elegance candles will help you remember those intimate, special moments.

Southern Elegance strives to create candles and bath products that capture who we are as a couple, a family, and Southerners growing up in small towns, spending summers with Grandma, working in the fields during the week, fishing on the weekends, singing in church on Sundays, catching lightning bugs at nights, sipping sweet tea to cool off from the summer heat, swimming in the Oceans, hanging with friends, canning jams and making cobblers from the fruit trees in the yard and enjoying the simple life.