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South Shore GMusic is an Indie label started in Gary, Indiana in January of 2009. This is a very promising label with two signed artists Mike Carson and Nichelle Colvin.

These two artists have had much success in the music business of their own respectively. The two have come together to help form this label and help generate more enthusiasm for artists coming out of Gary, Indiana. Gary has a very rich history of talent in the music business with artists such as Michael Jackson, The Jackson Family, Denise Williams, Jesse Powell, Morris Lane, Billy Foster, Henry Johnson, and Frank Russell to name a few. The first noted record label out of Gary was Vee-Jay Records, founded in 1953 by husband and wife team Vivian Carter and James C. Bracken, taking its name from their initials. Vee-Jay Records discovered and signed acts such as The Beatles, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Jerry Butler, The Spaniels, Gene Chandler, and John Lee Hoker to name a few. South Shore GMusic, the G is for Gary and South Shore is the location, just south of Chicago, will strive to continue such a rich legacy of music by becoming the modern day Motown by grabbing artists from the streets and other local venues to compose quality, long-lasting Music. The label will start with Nichelle Colvin in the R&B/Soul Genre and Mike Carson in the Smooth Jazz Genre and from the responses their projects have been acquiring, this will set the tone for this label as well as become an excellent debut.

Contact Person

Nichelle Colvin


2045 West Grand Ave. Ste B, 60612

Chicago, Illinois