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In 2012 I started working in the hospitality field and then with a residential cleaning company while in college. During this time period I developed the love of the industry and the potential of being able to help people and create long lasting relationships. In the hospitality industry I have learned how to make guests “feel at home away from home”. When I started working with residential customers I saw the demand for cleaning services in households that had children with parents that are too busy to perform such tasks. The women of the house usually is the one that would do these tasks along with catering to the children/husband, cooking, and sometimes even their job. I thought that it would be great to help these women take one less thing off of their shoulders so it may free up time for quality time with family , and for themselves. With the business I also had the idea to aim to help the elderly or sickly by using eco- friendly products and making affordable cleaning packages for them. I do suffer from an illness and understand the challenges to have the energy or physical functions to perform specific tasks for the elderly, or anyone with an illness. We also provide window cleaning,carpet cleaning, and tile and grout cleaning, pressure cleaning, and laundry services.
The fact that I can be a helping hand in someone’s life is the ultimate reward for me and I feel like it completes me and the purpose for my existence on earth. Ive had several clients write long paragraphs stating that because of my business they have been able to spend more time with their kids and some that have ill spouses have said that their health has improved because of the cleanliness of the home.

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Nicolette Poku


2948 se 15th ter Homestead FL 33035

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