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As a 29 year-old family man with two young children, I know how important tax season is
for most of us. I also know how stressful the process can be. I’ve dealt with shady tax offices, tax offsets, and even had to wait an extra 5 months to receive a refund because of a tax preparer’s negligence. This and my passion for helping others is exactly why I started this business.

Tax Pro Taye is dedicated to 4 things:

1. Tax Expertise

2. Great Customer Service

3. Protection of Personal Information

4. Helping you get the largest possible refund

The process is pretty simple. You can set up an account online and upload your tax documents. Once everything is submitted  via the customer portal, all person info (ssn, etc.) will be encrypted to protect all personal data. I will then be able to tell you your expected refund amount and can file on your behalf.
Client benefits include:

1. Refund advances up to $6000

2. A 4 day & 3 night vacation

3. A chance to win a 55” tv

4. $50 for referrals

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Dontaye Young


100 Legacy Oaks Cir,

Roswell, Georgia


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