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Welcome to the Epiphany Dreams Life!  I’m LaLa Jones, certified Master Spiritual Life Coach, wedding officiant/notary, handmade jewelry creator, and energy healer. I’m a graduate of the Life Purpose Institute located in San Diego, CA and Master Life Coach through Transformation Academy based out of Clearwater, FL. My experience with helping people see situations and their lives in new ways is extensive.

I’ve been reading people’s energies since I was a little tot. Now after some self discovery and lots of conversations with the Universal Higher Power, I have been able to hone that gift into an effective way to help people that are looking for a positive change in their life. I am a lightworker and empath that uses my psychic gifts of clairaudient (hearing messages), clairsentient (feeling energies), clairvoyant (seeing signs) and claircognizant (clear knowing) to convey the messages I receive from my spiritual guides.

My approach is spiritually and intuition guided by a Higher Power along with various tools and techniques that I learned with the Life Purpose Institute. I specialize in relationship, spiritual, and life coaching and tarot and oracle card readings. In my practice, I use incense, crystals, meditation tools, various tarot and oracle card decks, charms, and so forth.