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The mission of The Limbo Foundation is to provide childcare monetary assistance to parents who are in the range of making too much to receive partial payments for childcare from CCAP and who do not qualify for CCAP at all. Our vision is to assist these groups of parents and help them become the best versions of themselves through resume building, job coaching, and financial literacy courses. We understand that sometimes parents get stuck in the process of creating amazing lives for their children because they cannot find affordable childcare options. The Limbo Foundation wants to help make professional dreams come true by taking away the worry of childcare expenses.

The average percentage of Kentucky residents that live in poverty is 18% making Kentucky one of the top 10 poorest states in the United States. The percentage of households with under-age children is 35.5% which can only mean one thing. Many of these children are living in poverty. For a child to have a better life, they must be in the hands of a parent or guardian that can provide a better life for them. The Limbo Foundation plans to become one of the organizations that take on poverty in Kentucky. This will be done by providing a range of programs from a voucher program, life skills development program, and financial literacy program.