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My new site: The Memories Remain is a custom memorial website service that helps you create a personalized website for those close to you. 

Grief can be an incredibly lonely experience, and my goal is to help others find some healing by creating a lasting memorial online. All of our lives deserve to be honored, and I hope I can help you create a custom memorial website that is as unique as your loved one.

It is a beautiful way to keep their legacy alive and preserve their story for future generations. You can collect various items, such as newspaper clippings, photos, letters, or even their favorite piece of clothing. Capture these items in a photograph, and we can upload them to the memorial site. A person’s life should not be summed up with a death notice; instead, a memorial website tells the whole story the way they would have wanted. Add photos, videos, narratives, sound, and more to tell their compelling tale.

Everyone has a story, and these beautiful memories should continue even after we are gone.