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The People’s Art & Cultural Heritage¬†

My name is Errick Freeman. I am a freelance visual artist. I decorate space in a very unique and unusual way, and have many accolades in my portfolio.

In the art world I am known as Pach Atomz (pronounced as Patch Atoms). I paint with fire on wood. You can Google me at this point as well.

I was born a creative. I did my first group show when I was 10. Currently I teach art classes on the weekends, and am involved in community art projects. I also do creative consulting, complete with impact on communities… But I just want to paint and create.

My work has been displayed and featured all along the east coast of the U.S., and I’ve done interviews for overseas magazines and blogs. My work has been published and I’m in a worldwide art book as well. We can talk all day about my accolades, but my mission is to inspire and empower other creatives of color, while leaving a philanthropic legacy. I advocate for equality in the arts.

I have, and continue to put artists to work, because I feel that it’s only fair to give back the love that is shown to me. My art team is called Dauber Copse Fam, and we’re a range of black excellence. Starting from me a single black father, to other fathers and daughters and mothers and sons. I’m inclusive of all in between as well, because as long as the work can get done it doesn’t matter how you identify.

Thank you for taking the time to read this statement about my business. Let me know if you’re looking for residential or commercial art. That’s my business, and I’m humbly proud of it.

Hues, Tones and Texture,

Errick Freeman