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Eve Michaels is an Internationally Acclaimed Transformational Makeover and Image Empowerment Expert. For over 25 years Eve has been working with men and women around the globe to transform their look and lives. The Shop Austin began as an Image Studio: where I taught people about their colors and unique proportions, created their wardrobes and enhanced their image. I started collecting jewelry because I saw a real void in the stores for the kinds of pieces I wanted my clients to have. They weren’t easy to find on demand. I began buying wonderful jewelry and showing it to people as I worked with them. Then I started doing trunk shows as my collection grew to over 700 pieces! 

In 2017, I decided to close my studio and make The Shop Austin a virtual store to free myself up to travel and find jewelry and accessories wherever I go. To be able to touch the lives of many people with the amazing pieces I crave finding. For me the joy is in the “hunt,” the discovery, and the delight of what shows up as I search out wearable beauty. For the people who I work with privately, I get a huge thrill out of matching their energy to the amazing pieces I put on them!

Please note that I still see private clients for image and wardrobe makeovers. I also do public speaking for corporations, businesses and charitable events. Please go to for more information about my image services.

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Eve Michaels


110 San Antonio Street, 78701

Austin, Texas