The Times Emporium

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Business Description

The Times Emporium is a unique gift shop featuring sterling silver jewelry, by Mountain Brook Silver (made by the side of a waterfall).  The Times Emporium provides other locally made products such as herbs, honey, and maple syrup.  There is also local photography, art, and books.

As Whitehall is home to Sasquatch (better known as Bigfoot) there are t-shirts, stuffed animals, and books related to the subject.   To support the nearby IBA  “Important Bird Area”  located in Fort Edward there is a special room dedicated to Birds especially Birds of Prey. There are items on birds such as stuffed toys, books, t-shirts, pictures, cards, and other items.  Thirty-percent of the proceeds on any bird items goes towards Grassland Bird Trust.

In addition, It also features unique accessories and tops for women. It also carries Antiques and Collectibles.


Contact Person

Marge Mohn


8 N. Williams Street, 12887

Whitehall, New York


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