The Village Family Empowerment Center

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Business Description

The Village Family Empowerment Center (VFEC):  The Empowerment of the Village one family member at a time.  With a wavering touch, the village rises.  It’s not each one, teach one.  It’s each one is ONE.  Seeing ourselves as knowledgeable, capable, willfully aligned parts of a whole, healthy community that seeks to raise one another up.


Individual Life Coaching: focused on personal development plans which motivate the individual idea of success defined by personal/individual goal-setting and life work.


Family Coaching:Individual and Group Behavioral Health Counseling, Parenting Education Courses, In-home coaching services, Independent Living Skills and Practice Module, Parent Advocacy Program.


Comprehensive Assessment Tools


Village Empowerment Project:

Parenthood Development-New and Existing, Teen, and Adult

Parenting Evaluations

Family Mining

Family Engagement Practices


Private Educational Development: Specific attention to educational deficit programming.

 The Scholarship Institute-Private Preschool

Contact Person

Latascha Craig


P.O.Box 16583, 40256

Shively, Kentucky


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