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This company operates primarily through their online store. Visit their website for more information.


Business Description

Transfiguration Coaching provides one-on-one supportive guidance and life coaching that can be short-term (one session) or long-term. We customize programs and different packages, so clients have the option to receive all listed services into one package along with ongoing support and coaching.

Basic services included are:

Soul Realignment Session (if the client chooses to sign up for one, each service is offered individually). Soul Realignment is a modality used to read and locate a client’s soul gifts and past/present life blocks and restrictions that are currently showing up in their life experience—also known as karmic patterns. These blocks and restrictions are addressed, cleared and small new action steps are gently suggested to be taken to keep new results coming in. These readings are life-changing and transformational!
Soul Poems are channeled poetic messages for the recipient’s soul. Lauren prints it on specialized stock paper, decorates it with customized stamps, places it in a lovely shadow box, and adds a personalized card with it as well. (Wrapping, shipping & handling is included). These customized writing requests can involve wedding vows, other poem requests, etc.
Tarot Readings can offer guidance and clarity on a specific area in life and a general theme that one may be currently experiencing.


Recommended homework can support a client’s progress, such as guided meditations, journaling, or other suggested exercises. Lauren responds to client’s questions through email within 72 hours between scheduled sessions and responsive to emergencies. Her goal is for the client to feel seen, heard and supported during this time and that they have a reliable and dependable coach in their corner. Lauren offers a discount offer for family and friends who refer people to her services and a free soul-realignment reading of a child/family member with autism and special needs when a parent/caregiver enrolls in one of her programs.