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UAVistas LLC is an aerial data collection company that specializes in orthophoto and DEM generation. UAVistas also provides consulting, video/photography, and inspection services. We also provide outreach services to schools and student programs with a focus on underserved populations.


Outreach – Are you a teacher? Or do you run a program that introduces students to tech or tech careers?  Reach out to us with your needs and we can figure out a program that will help your students find their tech niche.

Consulting – Interested in learning to fly a drone? Or want help studying for your Part 107 License?  Or do you have questions about the capabilities of drones and aerial data? UAVistas offers consulting services to fit your needs.

Conservation/Sustainability – Overviews of restoration areas, problem areas ridden with invasive plants, and the progress of sustainability projects can all be easily assessed from aerial imagery and orthophotos generated from mapping flights.

Real Estate – Drone videography and photography can provide unique views/shots of properties especially large estates with lots of land making a listing really stand out among the competition.

Agriculture – Farmers can greatly benefit from several services. Mapping can be used to inform land-use/planting strategies, count crops, and monitor crops over time.

Construction – Periodic photos/videos can be taken to not only gauge a project’s progress but can also be used to generate time-lapse videos that will look great in any marketing campaign.

Inspection – Detailed 4k video can be used to inspect roofs, antennas, electrical poles, bridges, and many other structures without putting personnel at risk.

Video Production (YouTube, Music, Movies) – Sweeping shots, aerial pans, and zooms, and other shots can be used to really make a YouTube or music video, or movie scene really stand out.