Upendo United Foundation Inc.

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Upendo is a Swahili word that means Love and our desire is to fulfill humanity’s greatest commandment of Loving one another through Serving, Giving and Connecting.

Our goal is to remedy immediate challenges facing orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya and Delaware with the hope of extending our outreach to other parts.

Our Mission and purpose are to address challenges facing orphans and vulnerable children by promoting education, providing shelter, food, clothing and medical needs through our core values of Loving, Serving, Giving an Connecting.

Upendo is focused on 6 mission-sustaining projects, based on short to medium term goals. Upendo is keen on initiating and developing projects with long-term viability to ensure economic self -sustenance. We are also open to exploring multiple revenue streams to maximize returns on investments,

  1. Land Purchase
  2. Community Resource Center/Library
  3. Commercial horticulture
  4. Small-scale Livestock Production -Rearing Dairy Cattle and Dairy goats
  5. Trade/school
  6. Community Outreach

Contact Person

Regina Reithii


147 Quigley Blvd Ste 11822, 19850

New Castle, Delaware


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