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Our Arizona-based nutraceutical company develops and markets a distinctive line of superior quality and high-efficacy products for the global marketplace. We are committed to INNOVATION and QUALITY. We take the best of what Mother Nature has to offer and ensure that every gram of finished material contains a precise amount of the standardized active ingredient your product depends upon. We continually search, identify and evaluate high value ingredients that work in synergy; backed by science, supported with documentation and the regulatory compliance our customers demand to target specific health needs.

Veda Biologics, LLc. helps our partners create their next great science-backed product innovation. Our health portfolio offers research validated bio-active ingredients / finished product solutions that are of the highest potency and which will greatly impact their respective health categories.

Veda Biologics, LLc. offers our collaborative partners product development capabilities; everything from product concept, collaboration, trouble shooting, and scaling. The company’s visionary research and passion for helping people live healthier and joyful lives is the driving force behind the Veda Biologics’ organization.

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Magin Ferrer


4738 N 10th Place, 85014

Phoenix, Arizona


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