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Vegan Meals that Heal provides healthy and fresh vegan food to our unhoused and food insecure neighbors and friends in Atlanta, GA. Having experience both situations of homelessness and food insecurity, our founder Aisha Robinson-Rozier, sought a way to give back to the community she once resided in.  In Atlanta, GA  thousands of our neighbors lives involve a hopeless search for healthy food choices. Neighborhoods filled with food deserts and junk food filled “stores” enforce food apartheid agenda and keep our friends’ health and hope  bleak and bland.

Vegan Meals that Heal fight the aggressive agenda designed to keep the financially disadvantaged and transportation deprived neighbors starved and neglected. We started out as a mother daughter team cooking meals in our kitchen. Our only thought was to fix 15 meals for a few people we saw standing in front of corner stores. Tears flowed when our after cooking for several hours the food was gone in 15 minutes with other people left without food.  We knew we had to go harder. The funds came from our pockets. Grassroots efforts at its best but so many needed our help. December 26, 2019 we made 15 meals and now we have grown from a small mother and daughter team to 8 -10  volunteers cooking every Sunday in front of a minority owned business. Now our numbers grow from 15 meals to over 9000 meals served since our start in December 26, 2019.  Now we receive donations from all over the United States and every penny goes back to the people. Back to spread love and healing to our friends and neighbors.