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This company operates primarily through their online store. Visit their website for more information.


Business Description

I am the Founder/President of VIP Forensics, which is a Hispanic owned forensic data collection company. We have patented and validated forensic gathering devices that we are moving into the consumer space due to the COVID19 pandemic. We have orders from the FBI, SOCOM, and the Border Patrol to assist the “forensically challenged” personnel in the field and at the border.  However, the modified device can be used as a self DNA or COVID19 sample collector. We need funding for manufacturing, FDA consulting, and to gain inventory.
Quick Facts:
-I am a former police officer and attorney
-We have bootstrapped over $1M (we have a patent and a provisional)
-Orders from the FBI and Border Patrol for forensic collection and identification
-Simple modification makes device a COVID19 self collector for anyone, including students

Contact Person

Vincent I. Perez


306 Knowle Place, 37069

Franklin, Tennessee