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Virtuous Lotus is a sacred space created for individuals to come heal on their spiritual journey with the intuitive guidance of your Certified Holistic Coach, Daylen. Our one on one sessions are all conducted via zoom and tailored to your needs based on your current uphill battle. Enjoy a variety of holistic approaches that’ll enhance your inner most transformation!

You’ve never experienced anything like a Vibration Harmony Meditation with water to transmute your emotions on a cellular level with slight shadow work (journal reflection).

My Self-Care Salt collection is curated in small batches and are highly therapeutic! There’s a nice selection of body scrubs to bath soaks and each have their own unique aroma that’ll leave your body as smooth as silk, not to mention help with skin ailments. There’s also a selection of Chakra Soaks to help detox and revitalize each of your 7 main chakra points as you meditate & marinade in your tub or foot bath.
An investment in yourself is an investment in your future self’s health & wealth!!
Free 15 min. consultations available to start your healing journey today.