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To support electric- and hybrid-electric drive vehicles, electric-vehicle charging stations are being deployed in public places across the country. According to the International Energy Agency’s Global EV Outlook 2018, the number of public charge points have increased beyond 600,000 units globally.

Investments from the leading charging-technology manufacturer ChargePoint, include plans to increase its network to 2.5 million units (40X increase) by 2030. Stakeholder Electrify America plans to invest 2 billion dollars over the next decade, into a network of fast charging stations across the U.S. To put this into perspective, there are fewer than 100,000 individual gas-station pumps in use in the U.S today.

Public electric-vehicle charging stations are being installed in areas where vehicular traffic is prevalent; along busy city streets, in public parking lots and parking garages. They are quickly becoming a familiar fixture in public parking areas; charging stations can be found at restaurants, big-box retail stores, malls, movie theaters, and gas stations—within close proximity to vehicular traffic, these devices are vulnerable to collision.

As more public charging stations are installed, the potential for a catastrophic accident or incident involving these devices increases exponentially. Other services risks are vandalism, theft, severe weather, and natural disasters. Risks are magnified by the high voltages and amperage used to power these charging stations.

With so much electrical power being used and locations readily accessible, it’s not hard to imagine how catastrophic accidents or incidents involving an electric vehicle charging station substantially increases the potential for  electrification and electrocution.

With Safe Connect EV, we can avoid loss of life and its consequences through innovation.

Owning an electric car is a smart, thoughtful decision, but with that decision comes some risks. The greatest risk is for electrocution after a catastrophic accident or incident, because the power feed between the main breaker and the electric vehicle charging station is always on.

Should an incident occur at an electric-vehicle charging station, a loose or disconnected electric wire touching the vehicle would electrify the vehicle since the tires would provide insulation from ground, thus preventing the pass of the electricity directly and harmlessly into the ground. If you, a family member, or someone else should come into contact with the vehicle, that person would likely be electrocuted.

Today’s electric-vehicle charging stations are equipped with safety systems intended to reduce risk, but these systems provide protection only on the output side—the side where power is fed to the vehicle from the charging station.

While Safe Connect EV cannot prevent accidents, we can mitigate the risk of electrocution associated with charging your electric car. WMK Safety Solutions has the only solution available that eliminates electrification and electrocution risks present during the charging process.

Our technology is the innovation needed to keep you, your family, and first responders safe. Our patent-pending system will withhold the power feed to charging stations, and only release it at the request of a user once they have successfully completed of system integrity check.

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